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A Simple Guide to AVIF Image Conversion

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Start by uploading your AVIF/AV1 image or any other bitmap image file by clicking the 'upload' button and navigating to the file's location.
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Offered AVIF / AV1 Conversion Options

1. Converting AVIF to JPG, PNG, WEBP

There are all sorts of image types around these days, and AVIF is pretty new. In fact, because AVIF is such a recent innovation, your AVIF images may encounter compatibility issues with some software types. That’s where you need a handy tool to convert AVIF images into more popular graphics formats - just like ours.

2. Converting WEBP, PNG, JPG to AVIF

If you’re looking to efficiently decrease the size of your images, without compressing the life out of them, converting JPG, PNG, or other bitmap files to AVIF is an excellent solution. The file size of AVIF images is typically 10 times smaller than other bitmap formats. If you’re concerned about image size or loading speed on your website, they’re a really great option.

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Understanding AVIF

The AV1 Image File Format, or AVIF, is a recent development in image formats. It uses the a video codec called AV1 to encode and compress image data, providing an open and royalty-free alternative to older formats such as JPEG and PNG.

AVIF gives users a notable reduction in file size, all while maintaining image quality and supporting features like transparency, and a wider range of colors.

How to Handle an AVIF Image?

You can open an AVIF image with any software or browser that supports the format. However, if you come across platforms or devices that do not natively support it, our online converter tool can be used to change your AVIF image to standard formats like JPEG, PNG, or WebP.

Creating AVIF Files

1. Designing AVIF Images with Graphics Software - Popular image-editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Pixelmator, will allow you to produce AVIF files - but of course this comes at a cost.

2. AVIF conversion tool - Our AVIF converter allows you to transform your existing images like JPG, PNG, BMP into the AVIF format with ease - and vice-versa.

The Pros and Cons of AV1 / AVIF Images


Royalty-Free Format - The AVIF image format costs nothing to use - and neither does our AVIF converter.

Superb compression - Significantly reducing file sizes compared to traditional formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, or BMP.

The Latest Features - Because it’s new, AVIF offers new features that traditional formats just don't, including transparency, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and a really wide range of colors.


Limited Support - If your users are on Google Chrome, you’re in business; but many other browsers don’t yet support AVIF.

Reduced Quality - Although AVIF images offer a significant reduction in file size, compared with more traditional formats, you will sacrifice some quality.

Software Struggles - As well as browsers, many offline software applications are likely to struggle with AVIF too.

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