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Our food calorie counter app lets you keep top of your diet by easily working out your daily consumption.Tell us what you’re planning to eat, and how much, and we’ll tell you how many calories that food will contain.

    Food Gram Calories #
    Food Gram Calories #
    Food Gram Calories #

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    How to use our food calorie counter app?

    ~ Step 1 ~

    Pop the name of the food you're interested in into the search bar.

    ~ Step 2 ~

    Click on the red ‘add’ button, and let us know which meal you had, or will have the food for.

    ~ Step 3 ~

    Adjust the food's weight in grams, and our tool will instantly calculate your daily intake.
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    Why should I calculate daily calorie intake?

    Good question! To put it simply, making sure you’re eating a sensible number of calories is an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    Excess calories can lead to weight gain, while not eating enough can result in malnutrition, and further health issues.

    Making sure you’re across your calorie consumption means you can make sensible, educated decisions about your diet, helping you to better manage your overall health.

    Recommended calorie intake for men and women:

    Men: Women:
    19–29 years 2,300–3,000 calories
    30–59 years 2,300–3,000 calories
    60+ years 2,000–2,550 calories
    19–29 years 2,050 –2,400 calories
    30 –59 years 1,750–2,200 calories
    60+ years 1,550–2,000 calories

    Why is our food calorie calculator different?

    Our food calorie calculator is a cut above thanks to its easy-to-use interface, and precise measurement.

    It enables you to examine a really wide range of foods, and exactly how much you’re eating, to obtain accurate calorie information.

    Plus, our tool also features an option to sort meals by breakfast, lunch, and dinner, giving you greater control over your information and choices.

    It also works perfectly across all sort of different devices. You can look after your health on the go, without having to download any apps.

    What are Calories?

    To put it simply, calories are how we measure the energy we consume in our food and drink.

    You’ve probably heard people talk about carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Scientists call these ‘macronutrients’, and they’re where we get our calories from.

    Just like plugging in the television, or putting petrol in your car, our bodies need fuel to carry out everyday functions. Getting up and moving around, and even very basic activities such as breathing, requires energy. That’s where calories come in.

    Because we’re all different, and we all do very different amounts of activity, our calorie requirements are different too:

    For example, some athletes will need thousands of calories in a single meal, but that’s because they are using up enormous amounts of energy through physical activity.

    Equally, people who are less active than the average person might require a bit less fuel.

    How can your tool help me lose weight?

    We all know that eating more calories than our bodies are using up increases our chances are we’ll put on weight. It can even lead to very serious health issues such as obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

    The good news is that you can safely lose weight by reducing the number of calories you’re eating, and the even better news is that making these sorts of changes to your diet and lifestyle doesn’t have to be all that difficult.

    Small changes can lead to impressive results, and our calorie counter can help you avoid high-calorie and low-nutrient foods, and replace them with low calorie, healthy alternatives; promoting safe, sensible weight loss.

    How many kcal do I need per day to lose weight?

    Calories are measured in kcal (kilocalories), and the amount you should consume to lose weight can depend on a whole host of factors:

    Your age, sex, weight, height, and physical activity level can all influence how many calories your body will burn on a daily basis.

    Typically, eating 500-1000 fewer kcal per day is a sensible approach if you want to lose weight safely and sustainably. For most of us, that will result in around 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week.

    What is the best food for weight loss?

    Technically speaking, there isn’t really a best food for weight loss, because losing weight happens as a result of eating fewer calories than your body is using up.

    In some ways, you could say that eating 1,000 kcal of ice cream is the same as eating 1,000 kcal of fruit and veg, although one of those choices would be significantly better for your overall health than the other!

    In general, foods rich in fiber, protein, and water can help you feel more full, which makes it easier to stick to a calorie controlled diet.

    Examples of these foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and legumes.

    Foods with low calorie density, like leafy greens, non-starchy vegetables, and broth-based soups can also help with feeling more satisfied, while helping you to consume fewer calories.

    Very simply, the key to long-term weight loss and overall health is a balanced and diverse diet, with lots of nutrient dense whole foods.

    How does age affect calories?

    With aging, our metabolism, (the process that governs how our bodies process energy from food), tends to slow down.

    As a result, older people often require fewer calories: When the body's energy usage slows down, less fuel is needed to sustain our daily activities.

    Food list - kCAL values

    Wasabi, Calzones, Xouba, Dairy, Burger, Nutella, Long Eggs, Yeast, Idli, Rice, Xigua, French Carrots, Roll, Leaves, Urfa Bread, Napa Oatmeal, Kobe Kiwi, Ice Celeriac, Greens, Asparagus, Chocolate, Pasta, Rice, Squash, Italian Quinces, Vodka, Xacuti, Whelk, Barley, Burgers, Parsnips, Escargot, Tapioca Crab, Parsley, Quinoa, Noodles, Biber, Okra, Ramen, Lime Dried Zigni, Jackfruit, Cha, Jiaozi, Frittatas, Mein, Vanilla, Spanakopita, Hazelnuts, Crepes, Germ, Vinegar, Mashed Fruit, French Roquefort, Tomatoes, Sardines, Xocolatl, Fruit, Gravy, Kingfish, Herring, Milk, Seeds, Ramen Zucchini Cheese, Qeema, Eggplant, Barley, Peppers, Wheat Watermelon, Polenta, Wine, Xiaolongbao, Key Urchins, Coffee, Honeydew Beef, Oats, Soba, Beer, Eggplant, Yahni, Vermicelli Chicken, Utazi, Yogurt, Edimame, Egg Utthappam, Quaker Kasha, Sugar, Soy, Fried Empanadas, Edam Chestnuts, Yakitori, Cheese, Guacamole, Meat, Cream, Jambon, Dumplings, Tiramisu, Vietnamese Crab Tangerine, Oil, Exotic Milk, Neapolitan Vichyssoise, Sukiyaki, Broth, Fruit Fruits, Buttermilk, Cream, Tamarind, Onion Grape Naan Fish, Pepper, Beans, Almond Garlic, Frogs, Waldorf Danish, Ravioli, Donuts, Quail, Pie, Almonds, Peaches, Jerusalem Yellowfin Xocoatl, Salad, Bacon, Xnipec, Kuchen, Durian, Lemon Beef, Tofu, Lima Pie, Upma, Pomegranates, Fudge, Vegan Cider, Margarine, Genistein, Olives, Dill, Olives, Pepper, Broccoli, Spring Ice, Rice, Pudding, Tots, Squash, Honeydew, Lettuce, Whiting, Oregano, Al Butter, Jicama, Candy Chips, Bread, Barbecue, Rice, Huckleberries, Cakes, Yakitori, Zhejiang Lo Umble Salami, Bluefish, Corn, Plums, Cilantro, Jordan Yuzu, Bok Jollof Lemon, Mandarins, Squash, Mango, Mutton, Milk, Salad, Xmas Fries, Oysters, Mayonnaise, Smoothie, Hot Sesame Plantains, Nectar, Xia Cod, Rye Apricot, Truffles, Nachos, Millet, Fruit, Fritters, Rhubarb, Ukoy, Dal, Shrimp, Horseradish, Ugali, Collards, Quetsch, Kaiser Loquat, Bread, Quinoa, Wild Zander, Sushi, English Scrambled Beans, Coffee, Nuts, Beans, Imitation Waterblommetjie Chicken, Lollipop, Salad, Pasta, Quahog, Vindaloo, Duff, Jelly, Orzo Ikizukuri, Vinegar, Cuisine, Meat, Black Chicken Dosa, Trout, Rice, Quiche, Squash, Zoni, Qorma, Ube, Nachos, Sauce, Detox Chickpeas, Bread, Kit Fruitcakes, Hollandaise Fried Grapefruit, Yellow Qottab, Venison, Jaffa Bread, Romaine, Bell Evaporated Flakes, Dogs, Rainbow Escarole, Sorbet, Lychee, Lasagna, Vanilla White Oregano, Mushrooms, Sugar, Potatoes, Ugba, Vegetables, Quenelle, Fruit, Salmon, Pumpkins, Tortellini, Beans, Hoisin Daikon, Nougat, Danishes, Apple Cheese, Xoconostle, Yorkshire Almond Tuna, Beef, Pears, Nectarines, Sandwich, Zaboca, Pecans, Doughnuts, Acorn Walnuts, Cress, Beans, Radishes, Espresso, Frankfurters, Pickles, Enchiladas, Yams, Eclairs, Lobster, Ambrosia, Eggs, Mochi, Xanthia, Bananas, Barbecued Icaco, Zebra Uszka, Sorghum, Toast, Mi, Pesto, Quince Fruit, Chives, Cereal, Beans, Spaghetti, Gumbo, Maple Apple Beans, Chicken, Swiss Soba, Jasmine Oil, Cheese, Chicken, Cheese, Blue Granola, Melon, Coconut, Sauce, Nectarines, Gazpacho, Zander, Sausages, Mackerel, Fava Cinnamon, Kugel, Eggs, Popcorn, Paste, Kimchi, Zarzuela, Peanut Falafel, Passionfruit, Whiskey, Fresh Duck Injera, Bread, Noodles, Meatballs, Grapes, Relish, Ziti Raspberries, Cream, Forno, Meat, Wheat Kohlrabi, Cake, Toast, Red Bar, Paella, Bagels, Zeppole, Pad Roast Zucchini, Oatcakes, Irish Xinomavro, Tempeh, Pudding, Meringue Fungi, Quavers, Pepper, Nuts, Iced Browns, Steak, Waffles, Arugula, Umbrella Mustard, Pudding, Valencian Bread, Macaroni, Garden Greek Irish Figs, Yautia, Melon, Oysters, Ranch Avocado, Quesadillas, Kale, Yellowtail, Plantago, Veal, Radish, Navy Marshmallow, Doubles, American Pepperoni, Rice, Blueberries, Butter, Xavier Tomato, Cod, Vori Butternut Curcumin, Pie, Yassa, Edamame, Bread, Dumplings, Cherries, Sauce, Milk, Licorice, Shrimp, Alcohol, Ham, Italian Unagi, Iceberg Ribs, Onions, Coffee, Sugar, Muesli, Chia Peppers, Anchovy, Yucca, Squash, Macaroon, Radicchio, Onion Crackers, Onion, Nicoise Xigua, Linzer Celery, Coleslaw, Daidzein, Oranges, Jalapeno, Umble Cheeseburger, Parsley, Dragonfruit, Onigiri, Torte, Emmenthaler, Tagliatelle, Ital, Vatrushka, Bredie, Green Zuccotto, Dates, Greens, Vatapa, Lutefisk, Abalone, Lemon Milk, Pudding, Papaya, Pork, French Umami Kelp, Pie, Limes, Muffin, Sauce, Sausage, Salad, Lard, Hummus, Sweet Hot Yum Jam, Octopus, Sausage, Grilled Green Zaru Jarlsberg Oatmeal, Biscuit, Johnnycake, Jelly, King Opossum, Scallions, Frosted Hard-boiled Seeds, Caviar, Juice, Currants, Whipped Broccoli, Hot Bread, Vori, Apricot Chocolate, Potato, Soybeans, Noodles, Cabbage, Meat, Apple, Cheese, Quail Butter, Artichoke, Yeast Kohlrabi, Beans, Tacos, Brown Wontons, Tahini, Zongzi, Curry, Mangosteen, Aligot, Ice Pineapple, Turkey, Leeks, Olive Pudding, Quick Bagels, Steak, Bacon, Veggie Cream, Eggs, Jerk Rib-eye Stew, Urutan, Cacao, Wine, Tabasco Yabby, Inarizushi, Hamburger, Latte, Sauerkraut, Pizza, Zimtsterne, Rice, Nutmeg, Confit, Cake, Honey, Lingonberries, Pie, Strawberries, Risotto, Ximenia, Kumquats, Halibut, Pepper, Cheese, Xiao Muffin, Beets, Backed Jam, Chicken, Hash Zerde, Pancakes, Nori, Bison, Kombucha, Alfredo Almonds, Buritto, Velvet Yorkshire Wheat, Quail Eggnog, Coconut Ice Scallops, Poi, Rings, Vermicelli, Choy, Chili, Mussels, Cakes, Paprika, Tater Yaki Red Neufchatel Isaw, Brown Plums, Kat, Rolls, Jollof, Paste, Green Bisque, Zucchini Yaki Beans, Ham, Bread, Tunaturnips, Cabbage, Ziti, Salad, Ugli Graham Zapiekanka, Dutch Endive, Trout, Jam, Cheese, Amaranth, Fritters Meat, Peas, Gyoza, Udon, Kefir, Naan, Gooseberries, Honey-glazed Omelette, Guava, Noodles, Lemon Goose, Black Thai, Black Grape Natto, Milk, Spinach, Granola, Peanuts, Ice Potatoes, Rigatoni, Lima Ghee, Fennel, Pie, Collard Gyros, Yogurt, Winter Eel, Jambalaya, Quark, Donut, Wafers, Blackberries, Cookies, Syrup, Ham, Ginger, Orange Italian Basil, Kielbasa, Duck, Tempura, Zampone, Bao, Clams, Hominy, Queso, Dressing, Mulberries, Babaganoosh, White Sourdough Knockwurst, Umble Muskmelon, Liver, Soup, Indian Jalapeno Cream, Utica Eggrolls, Oat Jellybeans, Apricot Sauce, Apple Whole Juice, Almond Cucumbers, Raisins, Tea

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