Convert text to Lowercase, Uppercase, Capital letters, Title case, Sentence Case

Use our free online tool to convert text to lowercase, uppercase, capital letters and title case. Just copy and paste text to the white text area below and select the required conversion.

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How does our Case Conversion Tool work?

~ Step 1 ~

Copy text that you want to convert. Just select text, press right mouse button and choose option Copy.

~ Step 2 ~

Paste the text that you copied and add it to provided input area on our website.

~ Step 3 ~

Your converted text should be ready within a few seconds. You can be assured that there will be no mistake.
Convert text to Lowercase, Uppercase, Capital letters, Title case, Sentence Case

Change case

Convert text to Uppercase

This option will help you to change the letters in the selected text to uppercase. This is similar to holding down the caps lock or shift key on your keyboard. The uppercase version of the text is suitable for article headings or presentation materials.

Convert text to Lowercase

The use of lowercase letters is common in informal communication when writing text messages, emails or comments. Many people write in lower case if they don't want to emphasize something. The use of lower case is also common in poetry.

Convert text to Capitalized Case

Our converter will help you convert the initial letters of words to uppercase, leaving the rest of the word in lowercase. This writing style is often used in graphic design to bring text to life.

Convert text to Title Case

Title case converter changes the initial letters of words to uppercase except for stop words like "and", "at", "the etc. The title case writing style has a long tradition and is most commonly seen in book or movie titles.

Convert text to Sentence Case

If you select the sentence case option in our online tool, the first letter of each sentence will be capitalized and the rest of the words will be in lower case.

What is Letter Case?

Letter case represents the difference between lower case and upper case letters, which are also referred to as majuscule and minuscule. Lowercase and uppercase letters are present in the Latin alphabet, the Cyrillic alphabet or the Greek alphabet. The first alphabets knew only capital letters, but it was only during the Middle Ages that they started using lower case letters, people could write faster.

Why should you use our case converter?

This tool is very useful if you work regularly with typography and type. When working with graphic design, very often you get text that is not edited and the converter on this page can change the font form automatically without wasting your time. The advantage is that the program never makes mistakes, so there will never be a mistake when changing lower and upper case letters. Also, some special characters and letters like Ä, Ô, Ö are very hard to find on the keyboard, but our tool will generate them for you without any problem.

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