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upload an image or photo

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1. Upload your image or photo with the font
identify a font from and image

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2. We will identify the font from your image
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Identify a Font from an Image

About Font Identification

The font identification process is basically to detect font from an image. Because every font is identifiable by how it appears, the ability to recognize the font from images takes either specialized software or graphic designers with years of training and experience in the field of font identification. It is no easy task, but our professionals have the training and experience needed to do the job right. The main recognition factors of fonts are serifs, typeface, font metrics, proportion, or optical sizing. Finding the right font is crucial for business owners because it is one of the main aspects of visual identity for a company. The ability to identify a font from an image means that we can find, duplicate, and provide you with the right font for your needs in a prompt, professional manner.

Font Identification Features


Better than Software

Are you trying to identify your font and you are not getting the results you want? If you don't have an ideal image of your font, then this option will not help you. But we can identify any font from any image.


Custom Fonts

Font identification software isn't capable of identifying custom fonts which can be quite problematic. But our online service can deliver you print-ready vector files of this font.



We are here to help you with font installation or any other image processing work. The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us as we don't stop at just finding fonts.


Save Money

Why spend a lot of money for premium software or expensive graphic designers when we can find the font which you are looking for only $7.


Get It Fast

There is no need to wait days or weeks for this service. We are ready to identify your font within 1-2 hours so you can use font files ASAP. Don't wait, contact us right away.


Proof Before Payment

You can pay after we assure you that we have the right font for you. Or, an equal substitution in the form of high-resolution and fully-scalable vector files.

Font Installation

how to install a font in mac os

1. How to Install a Font in Windows?

First, click on the Download button. Save the zip file, then double-click on zip which will open it. Then click on Extract all Files. Or you can drag and drop the files to some other location.

Option One: Select font files, then right-click to Install

Option Two: Place font files in Windows/Fonts Folder

how to install a font in mac os

2. How to Install a Font in Mac OS?

You start by copying the font files to fonts which is located in the File Manager. Or, you can start in the home folder, select View, Show Hidden Files, and you will see the fonts. Copy the font files from there. Or, if you have a Linux version, double-click on the font file, then Install Font by hitting the button on the preview window.

Explanations of Typeface

San-Serif Fonts

This is a font which does not contain serifs. Serifs are the small extensions or strokes at the end of longer strokes. Popular styles of san serif fonts include the following. Futura, Himanist, Frutiger. San-serif fonts are popular because they are easy to read and have simple designs.

Serif Fonts

These fonts have small strokes or extensions that come from longer strokes. Some popular serif fonts include the following. Garamond, Times New Roman, Didone, Bodoni, Rockwell.

Script Fonts

Script fonts have the appearance of hand lettering, often associated with calligraphy. They can be harder to read compared to san-serif fonts. Still, they are quite popular as headlines for articles or stand-alone such as in logos, displays, and signs.

Slab Serif Fonts

This font has a blocky appearance with less contrast compared to other serif fonts. If you want something dramatic that really stands out, then slab serif fonts are for you. Some of the more typical fonts in this family include the following. Clarendon, Courier, Memphis, Rockwell, Serifa.

Handwritten Fonts

These fonts appear to have been written by hand. Even more than script fonts, handwritten fonts have a broad range of styles. The major difference is that while script fonts are mostly designed to be decorative or appear to be calligraphy, handwritten fonts are more in line with overall penmanship. Some popular types of handwritten fonts include the following. Cavolini, FF, Mr. K, ITC, Zemke Hand.

Ethnic Typefaces

Decorative in nature and designed to resemble Roman lettering, these typefaces tend to evoke different cultures of writing systems such as Indic, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Thai, and more.

Decorative Styles

Probably the largest category of fonts, they are mostly used for short words or phrases as they are inappropriate for standard text. Decorative styles invoke a feeling, a specific style, or a time period. From psychedelic to grunge, the styles are quite distinctive and often dramatic.

Gothic Script

Sometimes called Blackletter, this was a popular type of script up from the 12th to 17th century. Today, they are sometimes referred to as Old English, although they do not reflect the style of that writing. For those who want an old, historic appearance to their text, this will definitely do it.

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Todd Miller

It was awesome to work with these guys. I got a prompt response and they did recognize the exact font from my image.

Jeff Gordon

This is the easiest way to detect font from an image. We are a highly recommended service if you need to quickly use your font in Word, PowerPoint, or any other office software.

Nicolas Theil

I tried couple font identifier tools without any success before I finally found this online service. Thanks, guys for having the fonts that I needed for my work.

Smart and Easy Way to Find Font Online

Anybody who wants to edit, improve, redo, or use design files or documents can find the font they need. There are two main methods to find fonts online. Either you can browse collections of fonts or you can find similar font through specialized software and online services. Some files can not be reused without detecting the fonts. A graphic designer can make their designs more interesting by accessing a font database. Font identification can be a struggle, but is here to help you find font or find a similar font for your needs. Let us be your resource when it comes to the fonts you need for your project.


Find similar font

If you are looking for a suitable alternative to a particular font and don´t want to spend hours trying to find one, then check use our premium service. We promise that we will find font alternatives that work for you. If you want to improve your designs, our fonts can help.


Identify font

Our online service helps you identify the typeface of your font. We will need only an image or document with the font present. Our experienced team will contact you with further details. And you will have the desired font file within a few hours. We work quickly to ensure that you get the font that you desire.


Collection of fonts

We offer the ultimate collections of free and premium fonts. You can find the best typefaces for your designs. If you are looking for modern, gothic, calligraphic, graffiti, sport, wedding, horror, army, decorative, or any other font, we have them all placed in our collections.

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