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With our online stopwatch you can measure the time interval you need and with the countdown timer you can set a countdown to a specific event.

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How does our online stopwatch and countdown timer work?

~ Step 1 ~

Start the online stopwatch with the start button, the stop button stops the stopwatch and the reset button clears the measured time.

~ Step 2 ~

Start the Countdown Timer with the start button, in the session field set the time value from which the countdown will start.

~ Step 3 ~

Both instruments are used to measure time, and you can start and stop the measurement at any time.
Online stopwatch and countdown timer

What are stopwatch and countdown timer?

These are online applications that measure time. While a stopwatch is used to measure shorter time intervals, a countdown timer is more focused on how long a certain task or action will take.

What are the stopwatch and countdown timer used for?

Stopwatches are very often used in sports to see who is the fastest of a group of athletes. A countdown timer is most often encountered when cooking, to see how long the food still needs to be in the oven.

History of stopwatches

The first stopwatches were made before 1800. They were invented by J. T. Winnerl, who was born in Austria. Later in the 20th century, pocket and bracelet watches with stopwatches became popular. The first electronic stopwatches were on sale from 1971.

Benefits of our stopwatch and countdown timer

Unlike mobile apps or computer programs, our stopwatch and countdown timer do not need to be installed. The advantage is that you don't waste space on your memory cards and your operating system is cleaner and safer as you don't have to worry about any hidden malware and viruses. If you like the applications on our site then you can bookmark this page once and save it to your bookmarks.

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