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An online paper size converter allows users to convert between various paper formats and sizes. Find out paper size in mm, points, inches and pixels.

How does our online paper size converter work?

Our online paper size converter is a perfect choice for finding out paper dimensions in points, pixels, mm, and inches.

~ Step 1 ~

Users should first select the paper size they are looking for

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You can select the American, European, and other international paper sizes

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Our paper converter allows a user to generate the paper sizes in pixels, mm, points, and inches.
Paper size converter Online Tool

What is an online paper-size converter?

Printing business cards, booklets, catalogs, and envelopes need proper guidance. This is because they require the right paper size to get the desired shape. Since paper sizes involve different types, they should meet certain standards while printing important documents.

It is wise to know the different types of paper sizes in detail when they convert them online. Furthermore, one can make better decisions when choosing the paper size that suits the requirements of a project.

Why is paper size important?

A standard business-size paper may vary in the US, Europe, and other international countries that require proper research. For instance, the standard US letter printing format is 216mm x 280mm and the European standard letter format is 210mm x 297mm.

The paper size is necessary because it helps reduce paper waste and save more money. Moreover, it allows a business to print materials in US or European sizes that satisfy the respective markets to attract more customers. Using the right paper size provides methods to print cards, stationery, and other documents.

ISO paper sizes

ISO 216 is the standard international paper size that is widely used for A4 paper while creating documents.

ANSI paper sizes

American National Standards Institute, shortly known as ANSI, follows a regular series of letter format paper sizes. A is the standard format size and other letter sizes such as B, C, D & E are larger. On other hand, ANSI standards include two aspect ratios and don’t use the ISO 216 standard paper sizes. It is similar to ISO 216 standard which provides ways to print various things accordingly.

Business card sizes

Business card sizes must use typical dimensions when printing to ensure high accuracy and consistency.

Architectural paper sizes

The printing sizes have a special series of paper dimensions in North America when it comes to architectural printing.

North American paper sizes

North American countries such as the US, Brazil, and Canada don’t use the ISO 216 standard paper sizes. They use some other formats such as ledger, legal, ledger, and tabloid for printing notepads and other things.

RA & SRA paper sizes

RA stands for RAW Format A and SRA for supplementary RAW format A. While RA is ideal for normal trims, SRA is suitable for bleeds and extra trims.

US press sheet sizes

The US press sheet sizes use a sheet-fed printing press to determine the paper sizes.

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