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Use this random giveaway winner picker to choose a lucky winner for your contest. This online tool is ideal if you want to reward a winner and maintain contest transparency.

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Our online tool will generate winners from the entered names.
Random Giveaway Winner Picker Winner Generator

What is random giveaway winner picker?

A random winner picker is an online tool that can help you select a winner from the specified names. The application algorithm randomly selects one name from a set of names. This principle is popular with lotteries. The advantage of this online tool is that it's transparent. You can capture the screen of your smartphone or PC to show who really won. Random giveaway winner picker is very popular if eCommerce owners want to choose a loyal customer in a competition. Streamers, influencers, or YouTubers very often use these kinds of tools to reward one of their viewers.

What data can be entered into this winner generator?

You don't have to enter names in this winner generator. This tool works by choosing one line of text from a set of lines. You can easily choose the best product, car, comment, number, country, etc. Everything depends on you and what you want to randomly choose.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about using our app

Is this Winner Generator fair?

Yes, the winner generator on our website is based on javascript, which automatically generates results. Unlike humans, a computer program is impartial so you don't have to worry about the results being rigged.


How many names is possible to enter in this winner picker?

The number of entered names is not limited. You can enter as many names as you want and there will be no problems.


Are you saving results or information entered into this tool?

No information is stored on our servers, so you don't have to be afraid to enter any data.


Can I choose multiple winners?

Yes, when you click on the green button „pick winner“ multiple times then you can choose more than one winner


Will this tool remove duplicate names?

No, duplicate names can can increase your chances of winning. You have to make sure that each name is unique. All you have to do is enter a number or symbol for the same names.


Can I enter a list of names in this winner generator?

If you have a word or excel document with names then you have to just copy the content with shortcut ctrl+c and paste it with shortcut ctrl+v into our online tool. You can proceed the same with a list of names that you find on websites or social media.


Can I use your winner picker on smartphone or tablet?

Our website has a responsive design, so you will not have a problem using our application on your smart devices.

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