Tower Game: Accurately Place Buildings to Build the Tallest Tower

The Tower Game is a simple game. You just need to drop building blocks meticulously on each other to build a tower that’s as tall as possible.

How to Play the Tower Game

Although the game is absolutely simple, it’s wonderfully exhilarating and fun. Here are the steps to playing this game:

~ Step 1 ~

Press the red Start button to start the game.

~ Step 2 ~

Click the left mouse button to drop down the building blocks that show up.

~ Step 3 ~

Accurately drop blocks on top of previous blocks to build the tallest tower.
tower game

What’s the Tower Game?

If you wonder how you can make the most of your spare time, the Tower Game is an entertaining option that works best for you. The big advantage of the game is literally its simplicity; you’ll learn the process of the game seconds after you start your first game. All you need to do is drop building blocks on each other accurately to build a tower that’s as tall as possible.

Different sorts of bonuses and prizes are offered when playing so you can achieve high scores. If you miss a block or place it inaccurately, you simply lose one of your three hearts/lives. The game ends in just a minute.

How the Multiplayer Works

You can play this game in a single-player format either on mobile or computer. However, it’s possible to compare your scores and your tower height with those of your friends to find out who’s performed better than others. Thus, it’s safe to say that the game can be played with friends.


You’ll keep testing your luck and reflexes once you play the Tower Game for the first time. Let’s find out the reasons why you should play it:

Free for Everyone:

The game doesn’t need a payment. All players can simply press the Start button and enjoy the game.

No Registration Needed:

There’s no need to sign up or share personal information to play the game. Also, the number of times you can play the game is unlimited.

Multiplatform Support:

The game can be played on almost any OS, browser, and device, including computers, notebooks, tablets, or smartphones.

Simple Gameplay:

You don’t need to learn anything to play the game due to its simple essence. Achieving a high score is as simple as dropping the building blocks at the right time and the right place.

Share and Like

If you enjoyed playing this game, don’t forget to share your experience. Simply take a screenshot by pressing the PrintScreen key on your keyboard and parade your score to everyone on different social media platforms.