Calculate win rate and win ratio | Free Winning Percentage Calculator

Do you want to know how successful were your games or sales? Our winning percentage calculator will help you calculate your win rate and win ratio.







How does the win rate calculator work?

~ Step 1 ~

First, you have to input the number of wins to our calculator.

~ Step 2 ~

Add the number of losses and ties so you can get the required values.

~ Step 3 ~

The winning percentage calculator will auto generate win rate and win ratio percentage for you.
Calculate win rate and win ratio | Free Winning Percentage Calculator

How to calculate win rate / winning percentage?

Win rate is a percentage of successful games, or sales during a certain period of time. Win rate can help you understand the performance in your games, or the financial health of your company if we are talking about trading. For example, if your favorite e-sport team played 50 games and won 20, the winning percentage will be 40%.

~ Calculation with wins and losses: ~

Win rate = wins / games
Imagine there were 50 won games from 100
Win rate = 50 / 100
Winning percentage will be 50%

~ Calculation with ties: ~

Imagine there were 30 won games, 15 lost games, and 5 tied games
Win rate = 30 + 5 x 0,5 / 50
Winning percentage will be 65%

How to calculate win ratio?

Win ratio is the value based on the total number of won opportunities or games divided by the total number of lost opportunities or games. This calculation can help you understand know how many transactions from your trades won.

Win / Loss ratio = won opportunities, games / lost opportunities, games
If you have 10 wins and 5 losses then use the following calculation
Win ratio = 10 / 5
Win ratio = 2

Where can be winning percentage or win ratio calculated


Sport & Business

Soccer, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Chess, Table tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Golf, Rugby, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Racing, Trading, Advertising, Card games, Chess, Poker, Swimming, Floorball, MMA, Boxing, Skiing, Baseball


Video Games

LOL, World of Tanks, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Dota, Dead by Daylight, Halo, Rocket League, Apex, Countre strike, Rainbow6, PubG, Among us, Battlefield, Team fortress, Raid, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Teamfight tactics, Fall guys, GTA, Left 4 Dead, Spellbreak, Mario, Monster hunter, Destiny

In sport and video games, a win rate is a great way to compare the records of teams or individuals. It's the main factor for creating rankings and finding out which players or teams are better. In advertising is often used win rate calculation for measuring the number of won impressions and the number of bided impressions. Businessmen, on the other hand, want to know their average sales by counting won opportunities / deals and closed opportunities / deals. Win ratio above 1.0 is usually good for traders.

Win rate vs Win ratio. What is the difference?

A lot of people is confuesed about calculting win rate and win ratio. While win rate is a percentage of won games (commonly used for comparing teams), win ratio defines the probability of a win.

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