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Use our free cartoonization tool that allows you to create a cartoon avatar from a photo for free. Cartoon yourself online with one click. Cartoonized photos are not stored on our servers. Cartoonizer may not work for Adblock users.

Make cartoon avatar in 3 steps

upload image

1. Take a selfie or any photo you want to make into your cartoon portrait

select file format

2. Select the photo from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Just drag&drop an image or click on the upload button

start vector conversion

3. Download a .JPG of your new cartoonized image

Create cartoon avatar from photo cartoon yourself online

Free cartoonizer

Are you curious how your image would look cartooned?Our free cartoon maker can turn any photo into a cartoon drawing. You don’t have to register, or pay to use this free tool. All generated images are free for personal and commercial use.

custom hand-drawn cartoon avatar

Custom Hand-drawn Avatar

We offer professional custom made vector portraits for print and web usage. Get awesome looking cartoons and avatars with clean shapes and no blurriness. Created cartoon drawings are made by skilled artists who can customize your artwork based on your needs.


What you can cartoonize?


Cartoon Avatar

Create stuning user profile pictures with a hand-drawn look.


Couple Avatar

Surprise your special someone with an illustrationof your favorite photo.


Cartoonize pet

Pet and animal photos can be cartoonized, too.


Custom illustration

You can apply a cartoon effect with our cartoonizer on any photo.

Why should you create cartoon avatar?


It's Free

Our online cartoonizer is absolutely free. You can create a cartoon avatar from a photo for no charge. Just upload your photo and download the cartoonized image. It's that easy.


Be anonymous

If you are not comfortable with sharing your photo publicly, then a hand-drawn avatar could be the choice for you. This way you will stay anonyme and no one can misuse your photo.


No registration

There's no need to go through an annoying registration process to generate a cartoon avatar. The upload form is available to turn any photo into a cartoon pic.


Fast and easy

Turn your photo into a cartoon in a matter of seconds. It works fast but high resolution and large file sizes can take more time to load. Please don't close your browser.

Where you can use cartoon avatar?


Social media

There are many people that aren't comfortable showing their photo on social media or blogs. Cartoon avatars keep your privacy protected, make you a unique piece of digital art that can fill an empty space on your profile picture.


Team page

Are you working on a team member subpage and most of your colleagues don't have proper photos that would look uniform on the company website? Cartoonized avatars will match to one style and save you money for expensive photographers.


Wall art

Do you want to personalize rooms in your home? What better idea than to add portraits of your loved ones on the walls. Vinyl decals or framed pictures are a great choice for interior decorating.



Choosing the right Christmas gift or birthday present for the family can be difficult. Everyone has their own hobby or specific interests but custom digital portraits on tshirts, mugs, or phone cases will pleasantly surprise everyone.

About our free cartoonizer

Cartoons are semi-realistic illustrations. While in the past they were typically drawn by hand, nowadays it's possible to generate them through computer software. Cartoons have gained massive popularity during the mid-twentieth century from the pop-art movement to superhero comics, they started to be very influential among people. Thanks to our online app even you can give your photo illustratated look. Cartoonizer on this page works extremely simple. Just upload your photo using the input form, the app will automatically apply a cartoon effect to it and then you can download your converted image.


What is a cartoon? - A cartoon is a 2-dimensional hand-drawn illustration. The cartoon image doesn't necessary means humorous picture. It can be even an image with reduced details and a minimalist style.

How long does it take to cartoonize image? - Cartoon makers can add cartoon effect to an image within a couple of seconds. It depends on the size of image. Premium cartoons drawn by digital artist are usually processed within a day.

What file formats do I get? - Free cartoonizer on this website will generate you JPG file of your cartooned image. JPG is the most common image format. Premium, custom-made avatars, come with all bitmap and vector files formats.

Where you can use cartoon avatar? - Avatars are usually used on social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn), forums, blogs or comment sections. Cartoon avatars can be ideal as birthday, Christmas or wedding presents in the form of art prints, tshirts, mugs, or phone cases.

How can I customize cartoon avatar? - Free cartoon maker doesn't provide any option to customize created illustrations. Premium cartoonization on the other hand offers editing background, clothes, or facial features.

Can you cartoon yourself online? - You can cartoon yourself either with the usage of cartoon makers or by hiring digital artists.

Is there some limitations of using our cartoon app? - You can create cartoon avatar from photos or any other image. There are no limits to the number of generated images but some non-supported file formats, or the image size can be limited. Our cartoonizer accepts only images of 30MB or less.

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