Memory Game: The Quest to Spot the Same Images

Memory Game helps you assess your observational skills. The objective is to detect images that are identical as fast as possible. Eventually, you can even compare your score with your friends to see if you’re the winner.

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    How to Play the Memory Game

    The game is pretty simple. You’ll learn the process in just seconds after you start playing. Here’s the step-by-step procedure you need to follow:

    ~ Step 1 ~

    Pick one of the difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, or Hard.

    ~ Step 2 ~

    Click on the green squares one by one to reveal the image behind them.

    ~ Step 3 ~

    Find identical images and click on them sequentially.
    Memory game

    What’s the Memory Game?

    The Memory Game, also known as the concentration game or the matching game, is a kind of card game or puzzle game that’s purposefully designed to evaluate and then enhance the player’s memory and cognitive skills.

    The game usually contains a collection of cards/tiles with pictures, numbers, letters, or symbols. The cards are presented face-down in a grid system or distributed on a surface once the game starts.

    What’s the Objective of the Memory Game?

    The primary objective of the Memory Game is to detect pairs of cards with identical images. The player flips over two cards at a time for this purpose and turns them to see what’s behind.

    If the two chosen cards are identical, both are removed from the board. Otherwise, they’re turned to their initial status with their image hidden again. The player then tests his chance with another turn and finishes the game once all pairs have been found and removed from the surface.

    Why You Need to Play the Memory Game

    The game is offered in a set of different formats and complexities, which makes it appropriate for diverse ages. Despite that, it’s mostly used for educational purposes for children to enhance their focus, cognitive skills, and memory capabilities.

    Main Advantages of the Memory Game

    The Memory Game comes with a multitude of benefits, making it indeed exhilarating for kids and even adults.

    Creative Design:

    The images behind the cards are unique illustrations so you won’t forget the objective which is to find matching pairs.


    A countdown timer is started once you start the game as a means of evaluating your speed.

    Mode Setting:

    When you choose higher difficulty levels, the number of cards increases.

    Moves Counter:

    The time is started once you turn the first card, and your moves are counted.

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