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Getting Rid of Extra Spaces: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wanna tidy up your text? Here's a quick rundown:

~ Starting off ~

Pop your text into the first box.

~ The Magic ~

Our nifty tool will spruce up your article or post. Once it's done its thing, take a peek at the revamped text in the second box.

~ All Good? ~

If what you see makes you smile, hit that bright red "Copy" button!
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Why Bother with This Space-Removing Tool?

Ever tried checking a long piece of writing for those sneaky extra spaces? Not fun. And let's face it, most text editors couldn’t care less about helping out. That's where our tool comes in. With it, you save not only your sanity but also a bunch of time you could spend doing... well, anything else!

Spacing Rules: Let's Get Them Straight

If you want your writing to be on point, here are some ground rules:


Keep it simple. One space between them.

e.g. "The sky's super blue today."

Full Stops:

No space before. One after. But numbers are an exception.

e.g. "Expect rain. Pack an umbrella." e.g. 5.6.2023


They break up sentences and need a breather. Same spacing as full stops.

e.g. "We feasted on pies, tea, and laughter." e.g. $2,345

Question & Exclamation Marks:

They've got feelings, alright. No space before, one after.

e.g. "Seriously? Shut the front door!"


In writing, don't space before but do after. Numbers play by their own rules.

e.g. "My wardrobe's got: shirts, coats, and caps." e.g. Catching the 19:45 train.

Dash & Hyphen:

They're like connectors. Don't space them out.

e.g. "This room's over-the-top fancy." e.g. Pages 100-150 are a must-read.


Great for shortcuts in words. Huddle close, no spaces.

e.g. "It's a trap!"

Oblique (or Slash):

It shows a relationship. Generally, no spaces unless things get complicated.

e.g. mph, TBD, apple/orange e.g. Wall Street / Main Street * Heads Up: Our app's a no-space zone for these.


Used in pairs for chatter. Normally, space it out.

e.g. "There was no elephant," Jane whispered. * Remember: Our app likes its quotation marks and parentheses in pairs. Keep it even.


They're like whispering a secret. Space around them, unless they're near a comma or period.

e.g. My brother (a total rockstar) plays the guitar like a dream. e.g. Lewis Carroll (writer) gave us "Wonderland".

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