Online Sketch Maker App: Easily Convert a Photo into a Pencil Sketch

The Sketch Maker app makes it a breeze to convert a photo into a pencil sketch. The magic of the app helps you create artistic drawings like a professional artist in seconds.

How to Convert a Photo into a Pencil Sketch

The steps below guide you on how to simply create a pencil drawing from your photos. We recommend using JPG and PNG files. If the sketch appears too pale, please adjust its contrast. For any problems with the app, turn off browser extensions.
upload image

1. Drag and drop your photo or simply click the white icon to upload your photo into the Sketch Maker app.

select file format

2. The app turns your photo into a sketch in a simple procedure, applying a filter with the sketch effect to the photo.

convert photo to sketch

3. Once the conversion procedure is finalized, you’re offered a Download button to get your sketch in JPG format.

sketch maker Convert a Photo into a Pencil Sketch

Photo by: Tomaz Barcellos

What is the Sketch Maker App?

The Sketch Maker or Sketch Creator is a simple app that helps you convert any photo into a black-and-white pencil illustration.

Drawing sketches is typically a time-consuming process that requires you to have professional artistic skills. However, the Sketch Maker app does the whole job once you just simply feed it with your target photo. This is a marvelous approach to creating artwork without having the required skills, especially when you need to surprise your coworkers or friends with unique gifts.

The Benefits of the Sketch Maker App

The Sketch Maker app comes with a multitude of benefits for anyone, including the ones below:


High-Quality Sketches

If you need a specific sketch but don’t have the required skill or access to a professional artist, the app can help you generate high-quality sketches from photos flawlessly.


Safe and Secure

The app works on JavaScript, so your photos aren’t stored on our servers. The whole magical process is performed in the browser alone.


No Installation and Registration

There’s no need to install any software or register for an account to convert a photo into a pencil sketch.


Free with No Limitations

The pencil sketch generator is totally free; therefore, you don’t have to pay for anything or share payment information. All it takes is the simple process of uploading your photo.


Q: Are the generated sketches watermarked and not free to use? - A: The app is free for everyone, so you won’t have to worry about watermarks. If you legally own the photo, then the generated sketch is also completely yours.

Q: What kind of photos can I convert to sketches? - A: You can convert any photo into a sketch, whether it’s a portrait, landscape, macro, nature scenery, street shots, or product photos such as machines, vehicles, houses, food, sports equipment, and many more.

Q: What photo formats are allowed for the app? - A: Only classic bitmap file formats can be imported into the app, including JPG, PNG, or BMP. If the app cannot receive your specific file format, you can easily use our WebP or AVIF converter to change your file format into an acceptable one.

Q: What photo formats does the app deliver? - A: The app can export your pencil drawings in JPG. It’s one of the most standard photo formats that’s widely accepted in any app or operating system.

Q: Can I use the app on a smartphone or tablet? - A: Yes; since the website design is responsive, users can easily run the app to generate pencil drawings on any smartphone or tablet. The process is pretty similar to when you use ordinary apps from the App Store.

Q: What is a sketch effect? - A: This is the magic of the app. The app creates pencil artwork by applying its marvelous sketch effects and filters to photos. Basically, the app graphically transforms the photo you upload so the result can meet your expectations and desires.

Q: What is a sketch good for? - A: If you possibly need to hide your identity slightly, pencil sketches can do it more properly than an original photo. Pencil drawings simplify your photo and fade some details so your identity is harder to determine. They’re also excellent for published products like books or comics. More interestingly, you can even hang your sketched portrait on the wall too.

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