Free Vector Editor: The Ultimate Solution to Edit Vector Images Online

The free Vector Editor app is able to apply various edits to images, including changing colors, adding text, and many more. The app comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface so you can simply find out how it works. Please read the notice down below.

How to Use the Free Vector Editor

Follow the steps below to use the free Vector Editor app:

~ Step 1 ~

Simply click the red Start button to launch the app.

~ Step 2 ~

Use the tool or upload your current vector artwork you tend to edit. To do so, go to the following address: File > Open SVG

~ Step 3 ~

Once your edits are finished, export your vector file via the following address: File > Save Image


Refresh the page (F5) if the SVG editor won't load. The free Vector Editor app might be unavailable occasionally due to the limitations of our server resources. We lack a big budget, so any donation is well appreciated. Therefore, feel free to contact us immediately once you see the app is down. Avoid uploading large images to prevent failures.

Free Vector Editor

Editing Vector File Formats Other Than SVG

You may wonder if that’s possible to edit other vector files too. The good news is that you can edit any vector file format in the app. All you have to do is use the vector file converter to turn your file with AI, EPS, PDF, CDR, or other formats into SVG, which is the common vector format in most graphic apps.

Afterward, the editing process is just like for other SVG files. Once your editing is over, you can simply save your finalized artwork. Again, you have the option to export your file in SVG, though you can easily convert it again to any other common format too.

Ease of Use

The free Vector Editor app is exceptionally comfortable to use. You won’t have to spend hours to find out how each tool works. Everything is easily understandable the moment you start using it. Plus, if you possibly have an issue with a tool, the Help section simplifies it thanks to its short tutorials.

Free Vector Editor vs. Premium Vector Editors

Premium vector editors such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw will cost you hundreds of dollars annually and demand expensive, high-performance computer hardware to run properly. On the other hand, our Vector Editor app is free to use and is even accessible on regular smartphones and tablets.

The Applications of Free Online Vector Editor

The applications of online vector editors are vast. If you’re not a graphic designer and tend to change a logo or PDF document, free vector editors can handle the whole process for you with ease.

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