The Color Picker Tool: Your Ultimate Tool to Get a Color Code from an Image

If you’re looking for a method to get a color code from an image, you’re in the right place. Our Color Picker tool can help you identify any color code from an image with ease.

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How to Use the Color Picker Tool

Let’s go through the simple steps on how to get a color code from an image using our tool:

~ Step 1 ~

First, upload the image which contains your target color through the upload form.

~ Step 2 ~

Simply click on the part of the image that contains your target color.

~ Step 3 ~

Press the Ctrl/Command + C keys to copy the generated color code.
Color Picker

What’s the Color Eyedropper?

A Color Eyedropper is simply referred to by various terms such as a color picker, color grabber, color dropper, color selector, or color detector. It’s essentially a tool or feature that’s widely used in graphic design, image editing, and web design applications. The tool is used to take samples of a certain color in an image, screen, or any visual element on a computer display.

Where to Use the Color Picker Tool

You might be wondering where you can pick colors using the Color Picker tool. Here are some more widespread applications of the tool:


Businesses understand the high value of colors in a logo as colors can form their identity. Color pickers can help businesses pick the right color for their brand with ease.


Most photographers often use the color eyedropper tool for retouching and photo manipulation purposes. They usually take samples of colors from the nearest spot that has the same color as the area where they need to apply retouches.

Vector Images

Most vector artists are completely familiar with color codes. They pick the exact target color so the printing process is performed effectively. This is highly important for bulk orders where they need the process to be affordable.

Web Design

All programmers need color pickers. If they need to design a website or app without a graphic editor or a PSD file, their only option to find colors in the image of a webpage is via using a color picker tool.

Who Needs the Color Picker Tool?

Many users need to identify the color codes in an image for their purposes in several jobs such as printers, graphic designers, and web developers.

Graphic Designers

Most of the time, skilled graphic designers do not need an online color picker because most graphic editors and apps already contain the feature within them. However, it can be beneficial for them in certain cases.

For example, if a client isn’t happy with a color in the design, they can get the code of their desired color from the color picker tool and have the designer use it in the design. This process expedites the design phase considerably.

Web Developers

Color codes are extremely vital for web developers, especially those who work on front-end programming. They can use codes to specify the color of different sections of an app or website, including backgrounds, headers, footers, buttons, input forms, texts, etc.

Programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can process the HEX, HSL, RGB, or CMYK values of a color. Programmers mostly use color picker tools because codes are their only way to define colors and they seldom use graphic editors to find color codes.


It’s normal for digital printers and screen printers to work with colors regularly, but it happens all the time: beginner graphic designers send print files with incorrectly chosen colors that might seem washed out after the print. On such occasions, printers have no other way but to use the color picker to send the right color codes to the designer.

It’s needless to say using color pickers boosts the speed of processes in such cases, from preparing the files and colors to printing them with meticulously picked colors.

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