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Sharpen your writing skills and pit them against others with our smart typing speed test. Climb the leaderboard and flaunt your typing prowess!

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How Does Our Typing Game Work?

Enter the world of words with our thrilling game designed to test your typing skills. This online typing test is your ticket to mastering keyboard writing and improving your typing speed. Here’s how you can join the fun:

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Hit the red start button to jump into the game.

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Rewrite the text on the left side swiftly and accurately, then hit the finish button.

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Our app will detail out stats about your typing skills. Speedy enough? Secure your spot on the leaderboard!
online typing speed test

What is the idea of a typing speed test?

A typing speed test is a cool tool that gauges how quickly and accurately you can type. It’s a popular way to assess typing skills, used in schools, job assessments, and by anyone eager to boost their typing abilities. It’s all about practicing type writing and taking an online typing test to measure your progress.

How to write fast on keyboard?

Zooming through keyboard writing, or touch typing, can skyrocket your productivity. Here are some handy tips to type like the wind.

Learn Touch Typing

This technique lets you type without peeking at the keyboard, relying on muscle memory to hit the right keys. Plenty of online courses and software can help you master it.

Use Proper Finger Placement

In touch typing, each finger covers specific keys. Your fingers should chill on the "home row" keys: ASDF for the left hand and JKL; for the right, with your thumbs lounging on the spacebar.

Choose a Comfy Keyboard

Choosing the appropriate keyboard can significantly impact your typing experience. Some find mechanical keyboards cozy for long typing stints. Pick one that feels just right for you!

Practice Makes Perfect

Regular practice builds muscle memory. Online typing games and exercises add a fun twist to practice sessions.

Typing with 10 fingers

Touch typing is a magical method where all ten fingers dance on the keyboard, typing accurately without glancing at the keys. It’s a super-efficient way to type, allowing for quick and precise typing.

What does WPM mean?

WPM stands for words per minute, representing the number of words a typist can craft in sixty seconds. The average person types at around 40 to 60 WPM, but touch-typing wizards can hit 80 WPM or more! Professional typists can even surpass 100 WPM.

How to Check Your Writing Speed

To check your writing speed, pick a text sample, time yourself while writing it, and then calculate your words per minute. Lucky for you, our typing speed test does all the math! Just rewrite the text and click finish.

Battle Your Typing Skills!

Our app features a leaderboard showcasing the crème de la crème of typists. Join this writing speed test and see if you can outscore the competition. Play, improve, and beat the rest in this thrilling typing challenge!

Our online typing test is not just a game; it’s a journey to become a typing maestro. It’s a chance to practice type writing, engage in a typing challenge, and compare your scores with others. So, are you ready to take the online speed typing test and claim your victory?